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Closing Costs:

This information is intended as a guide to help Buyers & Sellers estimate typical closing costs. Figures & calculations are subject to change. Additional costs may apply.


Title Insurance

In Palm Beach, Seller pays title insurance. In Broward, Buyer pays title insurance. Computed at $5.75 per $1,000 of purchase price up to $100,000. Over $100,000, $5 per $1,000 of purchase price up to $1 million. If theres a mortgage, Buyer will be required by lender to pay costs for a mortgagee policy & endorsements.


Title Search:



Closing Fee:

$295 for Seller, $295 for Buyer


State Fees:

Florida Documenary Stamp Tax-on Deed, paid by Seller, computed at .70 per $100 of Sale price of sale price, rounded up to neartest hundred. On Mortgage, paid by Buyer, computed at .35 per $100 of Mortgage amount. Intangible Tax-on Mortgage, paid bt Buyer, multiply amount of Mortgage by .002 to determine amount due.


Real Estate Tax:

In Florida, annual property taxes are due in March of the following year. Discounts apply if property taxes are paid before the due date. Tax Bills are mailed in November of each year. Property taxes are prorated at closing.



Seller pays to record Deed; Buyer pays to record Mortgage. Recording fees are $6 for first page, $4.50 for each additional page.


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